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Common Defaults of Fiber Laser Engraver Laser Marking Machine

Defaults and Solutions of Fiber Laser Engraver for Reference

When using a fiber laser marking machine, we may encounter some unexpected problems. if the problem cannot be solved in time, it will affect the delivery of the products. The following are some common problems and solutions of fiber laser marking machine.

Fault 1: The laser scanning part does not respond, possible reasons: 1. The scanning power button is not activated 2. The laser indicator light is damaged 3. The lens cover is not removed 4. The signal is not connected well 5. Computer software or system failure.

Solutions: 1. Turn on the scanning power switch 2. Replace the laser indicator light 3. Remove the field lens cover 4. Restart, reconnect the signal cable 5. Restart the computer or reinstall the computer system.

Fault 2: The marking is clear in some places, while not clear in some places. Possible reasons: 1. The marking surface is not parallel to the field lens 2. The surface of the field lens is stained 3. The workpiece itself has stains or bumpy.

Solutions: 1. Adjust the marking surface to be parallel to the field lens 2. Clean the surface of the field lens 3. Avoid unevenness when cleaning the workpiece or marking.

Fault 3: The marking depth is not enough. Possible reasons: 1. The power percentage setting is too small 2. The surface of the workpiece is not on the focal plane 3. The marking speed is too fast 4. The power output is unstable.

Solutions: 1. Increase the power percentage 2. Adjust the height of the workpiece on the focal plane 3. Appropriately reduce the marking speed 4. Ensure that the output power of the power supply is stable.

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