May . 202228

SFX Fiber Laser Engraver EZCAD Software Installation

How to Install EZCAD Software when Receive SFX Fiber Laser Engraver

EZCAD Software Setup

"Installation" is not required to run EZCAD, it is a standalone program. The best method is to copy the contents of the USB thumb drive into a new folder on your desktop, and then create a shortcut to the EZCAD executable, right click and drag it onto the desktop. When you let go of the mouse button a menu will appear, select "Create shortcut here". Alternately you can right click on the EZCAD executable and choose "Pin to taskbar" to place it on your taskbar or "Pin to Start" to place it in the Windows start menu.


For EZCAD to operate in the registered mode the PC must be connected to the laser with it powered on (the laser controller is the "Dongle"), if the laser is not connected and powered up EZCAD can only be run in trial mode which does not allow you to save any files from it.

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