About SFX Laser

Luoyang SFX Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.  was established in Feb, 2004, has more than 160 employees and more than 100 equipment including various machinery processing equipment, heat treatment equipment and detection test equipment.  The company has passed through military quality certification in Jun, 2005. It got ISO 9001-2000 product quality certification in 2007 and updated to ISO9001:2015 already; gained self-managerial import and export qualification in 2009 and CE in 2016. LYXC-SFX is working hard and developing steadily with our global dealers.

From 2019, SFX Laser come into the market and win a lot of end-users' high praise with stable quality and timely after-sale service. 

SFX Laser main products: Fiber Laser Engraver,  Laser Cleaning Machine,  Laser Welding Machine,  CO2 Laser Cutter,  Fiber Laser Cutter.


Business Territory

As our world has transformed to be internet and online focused, SFX Laser now well sold on platforms such as: Amazon, Ebay, Newegg and Walmart. We currently exported to 80+ countries and regions include: USA, Canada, Germany, S. Korea, India, UK and Italy.

Our Laser Cleaning Machine has demo sites In the US, Canada, Mexico, Hungary, UK, Germany, France. (Please contact us for more details)

Since 2015 we have established multiple overseas warehouse and domestic warehouse

2 European Warehouses: Munich, Moscow

3 Chinese Warehouses: North, Central and South China

5 American Warehouses: New Jersey, Kentucky, Texas, California 1,2,3

SFX Laser after sales center is located in NY, US. 


Contact information

Email:[email protected]       After Sales Email: [email protected]

Tel:  +1 (312) 273-8679 / +1 (916) 450-1476


SFX Authentication

Our company is a national high-tech enterprise, a national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise, a "nurturing" enterprise of Henan science and technology giant, a smart workshop and a smart factory in Henan Province, who is committed to a number of industrial product segments. Obtained nearly 30 national, provincial and municipal honors, and successfully obtained 70 patents.