May . 202225

2000W Laser Cleaning Machine for Car Paint and Rust Removal

SFX Laser Cleaning Machine for Classic Car Old Car Rust Removal and Paint Removal, No Damage to Substrate.

For some car repairers, before rapair an old car, they need to remove the rust and paint on the surface, then repaint the car.

Compared with traditional cleaning method, Laser cleaning machine is non-contact cleaning method, no damage to the base material. Very suitable for rust removal and paint removal when refurbishing a car.

If you want to remove the rust and paint on the surface of the car, the thickness of the metal parts is between 0.5mm (body) and 5mm (on the chassis), you can use a 2000W laser cleaning machine, and the cleanliness and flatness of the bottom will not be affected after use.

Many of Our American Customers bought SFX Laser Cleaning Machine for Car Parts Rust Paint Removal, as Car Door Painting Removal, Engine Piston Cleaning, Crankshaft Cleaning, Car Brake Disc Rust Removal, etc. They Gave very Positive Feedback for the laser cleaning machine.

If you are in this industry, and in need of such a equipment, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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