May . 202221

Laser Cleaning Machine Rust Removal and Laser Beam Shape Available

Laser Cleaning Machine Rust Removal, High Efficiency and Quality. Durable Cleaning Head Long Time Working Not Burn Lens.

As we all know laser cleaning machine can be used for rust removal.

Recently we received a inquiry about laser rust removal as follows. If you have same similar condition, the answer is for your reference when judging whether the laser cleaning machine is suitable or not.

Question: We have a workshop needs to be redecorated. There is rust one the beam, Can we used your laser cleaning machine to remove the rust?

Answer: If the rust is delaminated, the effect will be reduced, because the deep rust cannot be irradiated by the laser, and the most obvious phenomenon is the uneven surface. If the rust is not delaminated, laser cleaning machine is very suitable.

Some people may have confusion with the laser beam shape. Continuous laser cleaning machine  has only a straight beam, and the length of the straight line can be adjusted;

Pulsed laser cleaning machine  can have straight line, rectangle, circle, sine, text, spiral, Lissajous, seven patterns can be adjusted.

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