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SFX 50W JPT Fiber Laser Engraver Reasons for Choosing SFX Laser

US Stock SFX 50W JPT Fiber Laser Engraver, High Quality Machine Parts, 2 Years Warranty Hot Sale Now in 80+ Countries.

Before purchasing a fiber laser engraver, there are many factors to consider. Such as the quality of the product, the strength and after sales service of the manufacturer, etc. All these are very important for a international trade.


Here are some reasons that you can rely on SFX Laser.

SFX Laser is an experienced laser equipment manufacturer in China.

JPT 50W Fiber laser engraver, it is one of our best hot selling models. For this standard configuration, we keep it at our USA warehouse as standing stock for faster delivery.

We use high quality machine parts for the 50w jpt fiber laser engraver, JPT LP-E Laser Source, Jollystar & Wavelength Lens, JCZ-LMCV4 Control Board, Sino-Galvo Scanner.

2 years warranty for our fiber laser marking machine, within the warranty, if the laser source brokendown, we will replace it with a brand new one for free. If there is any technical and operation issue, we can offer remote assistance. SFX Laser after sales center is located in NY, US.

For American customers, the price on website is all money that you need to pay, no import duty and any other additional cost.

When searching for a fiber laser engraver on Amazon, you may find SFX Laser easily. Our fiber laser engravers are well recognized by American customers with our good product quality and excellent after sales service. And we are cooperating with lasereverything on Youtube now.


If you are looking for a fiber laser engraving machine for metal marking, you can consider SFX Laser. We offer JPT 20W 30W 50W fiber laser engraver  and  JPT MOPA M7 20W 30W 60W 80W 100W fiber laser marking machine.


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