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Selection of Welding Wire for Laser Welding Machine

Auto Wire Feeding Laser Welding Machine Fiber Laser Metal Welder

Handheld Laser Welding Machine  is Mainly used for Welding Various Metals and Alloys Such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Gold, Silver, Chro-mium, Nickel, Titanium, etc.

Do you Know Does Laser Welding Machine Need Wire? Under What Circumstances is Welding Wire Required, and How to Select the Welding Wire Material?

No Welding Seam or Small Welding Seam can be Welded by Self-Fluxing Without Welding Wire. Generally, the Welding Seam is Larger than 1mm and needs to be Welded with Wire.

The Size of the Welding Seam Can't Exceed the Welding Wire. The Maximum Welding Wire is 1.6mm, so There is Still a Certain Limit for the Material Welding Seam.

The Wire Material is Selected According to the Base Metal Material. For Example, Stainless Steel Wire is used for Welding Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Wire is used for Welding Aluminum.


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