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Comparison and Selection Guide for SFX Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machines

With the advancement in industrial manufacturing technologies, laser cleaning machines play a pivotal role across various industries. SFX Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machines have garnered significant attention due to their efficiency, high quality and environmental friendliness. 

In order to meet different usage scenarios, we have developed several different types of pulse laser cleaning machines, including: trolley case type, backpack type, off-road type, and ordinary high-power models. Many customers may be confused about the choice of these different pulse laser cleaning machines.

This article aims to compare these different models and provide guidance for selecting the appropriate model.


1. SFX 200W 300W Suitcase-type Laser Cleaning Machine

Portability: Designed for ease of transportation, sfx suitcase type portable laser cleaning machine has a total weight of 39kg and can be easily carried onto high-speed trains and flights.
Flexibility: Due to their lightweight and compact design, SFX Suitcase Laser Cleaning Machines are suitable for various transportation modes, facilitating cleaning tasks across different locations.

2. SFX 200W 300W Off-Road Laser Cleaning Machine

Durability: SFX off-road laser cleaning machine is built with a stable frame. Large size tubeless tire that offer strong anti-seismic performance. Easy to cope with complex road conditions.
Strong passability, suitable for outdoor and field operations.

3. 200W Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine

Portability and Mobility: Designed for mobility and maneuverability, sfx backpack laser cleaning machine can be carried on the operator's back, enabling access to confined spaces and remote locations. With a total weight of 21kg, the Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine can be easily transported over various terrains.

Battery Option: SFX Backpack Laser Cleaning Machine can be optionally equipped with a lithium battery, allowing it to continuously operate at full power for up to 1 hour, providing uninterrupted cleaning performance even in remote areas without access to power sources

4. SFX 300W 500W Large Cabinet Laser Cleaning Machine

300W single mode air cooling, 300W 500W multi mode water cooling. High power pulsed laser cleaning machine. Higher cleaning efficiency. No damage to the substrate. Suitable for rust paint coating fine cleaning.

When selecting the appropriate SFX Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine, the following factors should be considered:

Cleaning Requirements: Assess the size, material, and level of contamination of the objects to be cleaned to choose the suitable machine model.
Operating Environment: Consider the characteristics of the operating environment to ensure the selected machine can deliver the desired cleaning results safely and effectively.
Budgetary Constraints: Align the performance requirements with the available budget to make a cost-effective choice.

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