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Laser Cleaning Machine Laser Rust and Paint Removal Machine

Laser cleaning is a new type of laser application technology that has begun to be gradually popularized in recent years. 

Laser cleaning machine working principle:
1. The sharp thermal expansion effect forms a detachment force to detach heterogeneous attachments;
2. Light wave vibration class ultrasonic cleaning effect to make the dirt detachment; 
3. The photodecomposition of the laser makes the dirt decompose instantly gasification, evaporation, bumping, etc.;
4. Laser induces plasma shock wave to remove pollutants.


Can laser cleaning machine remove paint?

      Paint removal is an important maintenance process that many industries need to carry out on a daily basis, typically, such as airplanes, boats, seaside guardrails, etc., It is necessary to regularly remove the paint and then re-painted to ensure that the equipment operation is safe and secure. Traditional cleaning methods include washing sandblasting, sanding, chemical cleaning, etc., and these methods are more or less exist some problems, such as chemical pollution, sanding improper operation will cause damage to the material, etc.

      Laser cleaning as a modern cleaning equipment controlled by an intelligent system, can achieve one-button cleaning, easy to operate at the same time safe and controllable, can be more convenient to achieve cleaning operations, while saving labor. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning almost does not produce pollution, and cause no damage to human body.


Can laser cleaning machine remove rust?

      Laser cleaning can easily remove rust and other attachments or surface coatings. Because of the different objects of the laser absorption rate is different, through the control system to adjust the corresponding power of the cleaning object, it is easy to clean the surface without harming the material body this requirement.

      In fact, the initial application of laser cleaning scenarios, is the cleaning of cultural relics. Because different objects have different laser absorption rate this characteristic, the use of laser cleaning can safely remove the dust on the surface of the cultural relics, but does not hurt the text of the cultural relics, is a very safe cleaning technology.

In addition, laser cleaning machine has very wide application, including metal corrosion, painting, metal particles, aged dust and other stubborn stains, graffiti all can be quickly removed with laser cleaning machine.

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