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How to Replace the Fiber Laser Engraver Laser Source

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Laser source is the main parts of the fiber laser marking machine. If the laser source damaged or it need to be upgraded, do you know how to replace it? SFX Laser will tell you how and what problems should be paid attention to when replacing.

1. open the power cabinet and find the laser generator. The laser generator is composed of three parts: black power line, yellow optical fiber and cylindrical beam expander. These three parts are a whole and can not be decomposed. When we dismant the laser generator, we must pay special attention not to greatly bend the yellow fiber.

2. Loosen the black cable fixing seat at the back of the main beam of the laser marking machine. Remove the fixing base of the laser beam, and then screw the four screws next to it. After unscrewing the screws, remove the blue cap.

3.  Slowly remove the yellow optical fiber from the black cover, pay attention to protect the optical fiber, remove and assemble the power cable on the laser generator in the original sequence of live wire and neutral ground wire.

4. Disconnect the gray data cable connected to the laser, if the laser generator is damaged, install it on a new laser.

Above are the procedures of replacing the laser source, below is the relative video for your reference. Any other questions about  SFX JPT Fiber Laser Engraver,  please feel free to contact us.

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