Apr . 202211

Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine for Building Exterior Walls Cleaning

Building exterior walls cleaning with continuous laser cleaning machine

Continuous Laser Cleaning Machine (CW Fiber Laser Cleaner) has very Wide Applications, Building Exterior Walls Cleaning is one.

Laser Cleaning Machine can be used in the Cleaning of Black Spots and Stains on Various Stone Materials such as Buildings and Stone Monuments. It has a very Good Effect on Protecting the Appearance of Ancient Buildings and Restoring Them.

The Cleaning Problem of the Exterior Walls of Modern Skyscrapers is Becoming More and More Prominent. The Laser Cleaning Machine Provides a Good Solution to the Cleaning of the Exterior Walls of Buildings.

These Pollutants can be Effectively Cleaned, and the Efficiency is many times Higher than that of Conventional Cleaning.

Advantages of Continuous Type Laser Cleaning Machine in Building Exterior Walls Cleaning:

1.Fast Cleaning Speed, 360 Degrees Cleaning, Clean Evenly.

2.Handheld Laser Cleaning Head, Light and Easy to Use, Upgraded Cleaning Head Long Time Operation Without Burn Lens.

3.7m Brand Optical Fiber Cable can Realize Long-distance Operation, Wide Reachable Distance, Flexible and Convenient Operation.

4.Non-contact Cleaning. No Consumables Cost Saving. No Damage to the Base Material. Zero Emission, No Chemical Pollution Environmental Friendly.

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