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Upgraded LCM-200A Features and Advantages

Upgraded LCM-200A Pulse Laser Cleaner Features and Advantages

1. Smaller size, lighter weight, only 39kg, can be carried on high-speed train and flight easily. Lighter gun head, only 620g.

2. Adopt corrugated pipes, flame retardant effect is better. The entire line has no joints, which ensures hardness and stronger bending ability, longer service life.

3. Dual protection lens for the galvanometer, reduce damage and extend the galvanometer service life.

4. Ergonomic handheld spring controller. The spring wire connection is easy to store and has wider applicability. Data loss problems are prone to occur during wireless control transmission, and handheld control can effectively reduce such problems.

5. The whole machine is made of aluminum alloy + surface spraying, durable and not easy to corrode, avoids oxidation and reduces scratches.

6. Password lock design facilitates authorization management, application security, and the machine is not easy to lose.

7. Conduct inspection and multiple tests in each process to strictly control quality

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