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SFX Laser Cleaning Machine Maintenance in Winter

Please Pay Attention to the "Frostbite" to your Laser Cleaning Machine. Instructions of SFX Laser Cleaning Machine Maintenance in Winter.

Please pay attention to the "Frostbite" to your laser cleaning machine

1. How to solve the low temperature alarm?

When the water temperature of the chiller is lower than 22℃, the laser will trigger a low temperature protection alarm. Please turn off the equipment first, and then the alarm can be eliminated when the chiller is preheated to 22℃ and turned on again.

2. How to prevent freezing of laser equipment?

Keep the chillser working

Drain the cooling water in the equipment after use

Use laser-specific antifreeze

3. How to choose antifreeze?

It is recommended to use genuine antifreeze:
(1) ethylene glycol-water type.
(2) propylene glycol-water type.
Note: Antifreeze cannot completely replace cooling water. After winter, please first clean the pipes with cooling water and then add cooling water.

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