Difference Between SFX-GS-MOPA-E and SFX-GS-MOPA-С

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Some Customers are very curious about the difference between SFX-GS-MOPA-E  and  SFX-GS-MOPA-С JPT MOPA M7 Fiber Laser Engraver.

The difference between E series and C series lies in the former is the cost-effective model which pulse energy is not so powerful as the latter.

SFX-GS-MOPA-E Maximum Pulse Energy: [email protected]/30W; [email protected]/100W; [email protected]

SFX-GS-MOPA-C Maximum Pulse Energy: [email protected]/30W; [email protected]/80W; [email protected]

Another Difference is the Machine Parts, for MOPA C We Use Import Parts, While MOPA E use China Famous Brand Parts.

Take Mopa 60W for instance, the max. pulse energy of E is 1.5mj whereas the C is 2mj. Their performance in most cases is similar, only in some extreme situation, the C is more outstanding

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