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LC-100 Pulsed Portable Laser Cleaning Machine Service Life

Service Life and Working Hours of SFX Pulsed Laser Cleaning Machine

When Searching for a laser cleaning machine, people usually compare pulsed type with continuous type. As we introduced in the artical Continuous Laser Cleaner VS Pulse Laser Cleaner, these two types are really different in many areas.

About  LC-100 pulsed laser cleaning machine, some customers may have confusions about the following questions.

Regarding the LC-100 model, what is the average service life of the product? How long can it work continuously, is the wireless remote connected via Wifi or Bluetooth, and what materials cannot be cleaned?

Let me tell you now. Since the laser souce of the portable laser cleaning machine will decay,  the theoretical lifespan is 100,000 hours.

The average life expectancy is related to the use environment and maintenance. Usually 5-10 years. It can work continuously 24 hours a day.

Connection is via bluetooth. White paper, plastic, flammable materials, etc. cannot be cleaned.

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