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LC-100 Portable Laser Cleaning Machine Pulse 100W Fiber Laser Cleaner Warranty

LC-100 Pulse Type Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Removal, Oil Removal, Painting Removal, etc.

WARRANTY of LC-100 Laser Cleaning Machine

The warranty period of this product is one year for the whole machine.

The warranty period for the laser source is two years.

1. From the date of purchasing this product, our company provides free warranty within one year. If the machine need to be returned to the factory for repair, the user only needs to bear the cost of two-way transportation.
2. This product is repaired free of charge for life, and the user only needs to bear the cost of spare parts and two-way transportation.


The following scopes are not covered by warranty:
1. Damage caused by improper use such as violent bumping, bending, etc.
2. Human-caused damage.
3. Laser accessories and consumables are not guaranteed (collimating mirrors, galva-nometers, field mirrors and other optical parts, armored cables, etc.  are not covered by the warranty).

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