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Fiber Laser Marking Machine Laser Source Difference Between Q-switching and MOPA

Fiber Laser Engraver for Metal Marking Engraving and Thin Metal Cutting, JPT and JPT MOPA M7 for Optional. 2 Years Warranty.

Main Difference:

1. MOPA laser has flexible parameters and a large adjustment range; it adopts narrow pulse width, high frequency parameters, and short thermal duration. It is mainly used in alumina black marking. Customers can adjust the power and frequency parameters to achieve the desired effect.

2. Due to the higher pulse frequency of the MOPA laser, the marking position interval is very small or can overlap during the marking process, and the displayed shading will be very uniform and delicate. 

3. The repetition frequency of Q-switched laser is low, and the fine marking effect will be slightly inferior to MOPA. However, since the performance parameters of the Q-switched laser are relatively simple, the adjustment will be more convenient and rapid. In terms of blackening and graying of plastic materials, although Q-switching is not as precise as MOPA's processing, it is superior in speed. If the demand is not so high, Q-switching lasers can be used to improve production efficiency. In terms of deep engraving of metal materials, Q-switched fiber lasers can perform deep engraving due to the high single-pulse energy.

SFX Laser Offers 20W 30W 50W JPT Fiber Laser Engraverand30W 60W 80W 100W JPT MOPA M7 Fiber Laser, You can Choose according to Marking Requirement.

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