Continuous Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine, MAX or JPT Laser Source?

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Difference between jpt laser cleaning machine and max laser cleaning machine

SFX Laser Now offers two types of continuous handheld laser cleaning machine, they all have three powers for optional, 1000w 1500w 2000w.

For JPT Laser Cleaning Machine  and MAX Laser Cleaning Machine they all suitable for large-scale efficient cleaning of paint, rust, oil stains, oxide layers, coating, etc. Both Type are now well sold and recoginzed by our customers.

In laser cleaning scope, JPT and MAX almost have the same spec, the only difference is that JPT is with higher quality and more famous than MAX worldwide.

They both have 2 years warranty and If you have enough budget, JPT would be better. MAX is also recommended from our testing experience.

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